Beach outfits & photos

fil-2016-09-18-18-56-24                                                sunglasses // RayBan fil-2016-09-18-18-55-25                                                      dress // H&M fil-2016-09-18-18-56-42                                        bikini // Elsa and R0se (todie for)fil-2016-09-18-18-55-10                                                  This was on cala mitjanafil-2016-09-18-18-56-35fil-2016-09-18-17-56-56                                                          top // Forever 21fil-2016-09-18-17-56-38                                                    shorts // Primarkfil-2016-09-18-18-56-53                                      This beach was named son xoriguerfil-2016-09-18-17-57-03                                         jewelrys // Daniel Wellington

On Wednesday and Thursday I was at two different beaches, absolutely wonderful! The sand was pure white and the water was warm and comfortable. One day we rented a car (Thursday) to Cala Mitjana and then it only took about 20 minutes to go to it, to the other beach named Son Xoriguer we walked from the hotel. When we was clear on the beaches, we went back to the hotel and had dinner, it took quite some time to go to the beaches but it worth it … 😉

In the places I shot some different pictures and filmed to my travel diary. So, this was the days outfits looks like!

hope you like the pictures, hug


And don`t forget that you are beautiful and valuable // C o r n e l i a

Favorite hair mask

image imageimage Sometimes I get comments and questions about which hair products I recommend , and my favorite hair product right now is a hair mask from Hello Hair called hello hair hydrating mask. It ‘s not really like a normal hair mask that you apply to wet hair, because this you  takes  to dry hair!

Here is some information about the product from the website: “Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is packed full of 100 % natural ingredients . So say goodbye to the crazy chemical compounds That exist in commercial hair care products , and hello to hair That is healthier , naturally ! ”

And I think it is entirely perfect! It really takes away all frizzy hair but a drawback to this is that sometimes it gets too much moisturizing to the scalp, so try to take a little less precisely the scalp.It costs $15 which I think is a very good price!
In Love with this product ..


And don’t forget that you are beautiful and valuable// C o r n e l i a




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