Home sweet home ♡

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I love to travel. To speak English with people, discover new environments and locations. Yes, just to get going simply and to relax from school for a while. I myself am a person who `takes time on me`, it may take a few days before I get used to a place. So when I just got used to a place we’ll go home … A bit disappointing actually but it’s the way I work. Of course it is nice to come home, but it can be a pain sometimes when you become accustomed to a place that you love!

Last day in Menorca I went up earlier to have time to shoot my last pictures of the beach and filming the end of my travel diary.

I have had a wonderful trip and I hope that I can travel more as I get older and live like a real “travel blogger”;)

hope you like the pictures


And don`t forget that you are beautiful and valuable // C o r n e l i a