New necklace


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Hello everyone! I have been in quite some time now collaborated with (as you may have seen on instagram), and a while ago  I got this wonderfully delicate necklace, I am soooo in love! 🙂 Their necklaces and jewelry are very good quality and I think they are really worth their prices, and not only that, I also have a discount code for you! Use the code “corneliiamyrberg” to get 10% of your purchase when you shop for over 19 euros, the code is valid until June 11, 2016.

Happiness Boutique is a German company and ship to Sweden, if you wonder more about it you can read more on their side that says almost everything about it. Please comment below if you have any favorite jewelry, so you get to have the best!


and don`t forget that you are beautiful and valuable, XO // C o r n e l i a